Boulevard Mad Yard Art_A walk through the neighbourhood_this Saturday

This Saturday 12th of August you are all invited to come to Boulevard Mad Yard Art final event; a walk though the neighbourhood.

BMYA DELUXE 10.30am-page-001(2)

This walk is all about the Boulevard area, its creativity and its capacity for self-organisation. We will stop by different places with local initiatives and hold live conversations, debates about Boulevard, its past, its present and its possible futures. Boulevard Mad Yard Art produced decorations that convert the street into the site of wild insects and plants, interactive musical instruments, furniture made out of the refuse found right here in our neighbourhood. But more importantly this is not about ‘art as decoration’, it is not about ‘spectacle’, this is about applying a playful experimental attitude to our most pressing issues, about the hopes of changing the way things are in a profound way.

We  will meet in front of St. Mathew’s Church on Boulevard (HU3 2TD), close to Alnaby Rd. at 10.30am. This is where our walk starts. We can’t tell you yet exactly what route we’ll take. You’ll have to come and see.

The event is free and suits all ages. Children have to come accompanied by their parents. It is a collaboration between artists Anna Coromina, Aviv Kruglanski and many neighbours and organizations in the Boulevard area.

Some pics from “Back to School”

This last sunday we were at Constable Street Community Allotments rembering the Constable School; drawing on the floor with flowers, herbs, stones, fruit, seeds… All the materials we used were found right there on the Constable Street Field.


Michele Davy at Bite the Biscuit Boulevard Radio

This last monday, Michele Davy, an environmental artist, working in the visual arts sector in Hull, came to our radio show. We ended up painting bees, making sofa’s from plastic bottles and planning our next radio show. We also worked on a musical instrument, designed by Paula, made out of recycled xilophone bits.


Comunities Economies Network at Bite the Biscuit Boulevard Radio!

This week at Bite the Biscuit Boulevard Radio, we are going to have members of the Community Economies network ( There are people from Bristol, London and from the Italian Alps. These are people who are thinking about grassroots economies in unusual and creative ways. If you want to come and participate in the discussion, pick their brains about how we can grow our neighbourhood economies, please come. Boulevard Village Hall, Boulevard 200 from 3pm to 5pm. Or, if you can’t make it live online at